Important Information

I have served the community in a variety of aspects, but I believe the most credible service I offer is the ability to help the individual, couple, or family regain confidence in their resilient shared strengths. Working throughout the lifespan to increase self awareness, acceptance, and adjustment is the changing agent called "transformation". 


I acknowledge the client's right to privacy and hold that to the highest of standards.  However, The State of TN sets limits on confidentiality that include: harm to self or others, child and/or elder abuse, and judge ordered subpoenas.  

Coordinating with Other Providers

I am happy to work with your primary MD, psychiatrist, or previous therapists in providing a continuity of care and upholding the "holistic" approach to wellness.  Mental health counseling can be very beneficial in almost every stage of the lifespan.  You will simply sign a HIPAA release authorization and we will do the rest! 

Onsite Professional Services

I am grateful to partner with local agencies, not-for-profit centers, churches, and a variety of businesses that care about their employees and customers.  In these partnerships, I will often see clients "on-site" rather than the traditional method of scheduling sessions in our offices. If you are interested in more information regarding these services, or you would like to schedule services for your "on-site" business, please contact my main office for more information at (615) 567-3444.